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Fiamma’s Grill in downtown Plymouth was the classy setting for Simone & David’s June 5th wedding.  It was a wonderful day filled with excitement and accentuated by the charm of the city. Family and friends gathered together to witness the exchange of vows in an intimate ceremony uniting two people very much in love. Picture taking in the park was followed by a fun filled reception with delicious food, great dancing and even a magician!  Thank you Simone and David and your families for allowing us to film and photograph your special day.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. Simonne & David,

    Thank you so very much for allowing me to be a part of your very special day! The wedding was wonderful as evident by the videography. I wish you both nothing but the best!!

    Love, Tess

  2. Awwww…. How precious! Congratulations girl! May God continue to pour out His blessing on the both of you…

  3. You look so happy and beautiful!!! Kathie and I loved it! thanks for sharing cuz..xo Marcia

  4. Congrats, Simonne & David!!!! God Bless you both!!!! Enjoy every moment you spend together!!!! Love you!!!

    Patricia 🙂

  5. You are absolutely beautiful!!! You and hubby look soooo happy. Congratulations to you and David. May you have many, many, many years of happiness.

  6. Sis…it was a wonderful day. You were absolutely gorgeous, David looked amazing and it was a stone-cold blast—LOTS of fun. I pray your life together only gets better and better as time goes by. Love you both, Leslie

  7. Congratulations Simonne and David. Simonne you looked beautiful, happy and very much in you love. May your union bring you both even closer, and may your life together always be blessed. What God has joined together, let no one separate!

  8. Simonne & David,

    It was an honor to decorate your wedding venue! From what we saw in the video, everyone had a great time celebrating the lasting love between two very special people. We truly hope that the both of you have many, many more years of wonderful life shared TOGETHER.
    Alex & Sherry

  9. WOW! just like I remember it! Love filled the air and many hearts were touched and I feel honored that I was there to be a witness to it. (Just don’t let it happen again)what a beautiful bride you did make!
    Remember to tell each other that you love them each and every day and mean it and all will be well! Love you Cuz!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous Simonne! I’m very happy for you and your new hubby. Looks like you had a blast. Best of luck to you now and always!


  11. Simonne, Thank you for sharing the website with me. You look absolutely beautiful. The glow on your face and the smile on your face show how much you are truly in LOVE with David.


    PS It is almost Thursday!!!

  12. Girl – Now I know what you look like instead of just a name and your cartoon picture. Absolultely Gorgeous!

    Congratulations and I HOPE TO GOD he doesn’t snore because you will get NO sleep and will be crabby! 🙂

    Trust me . . I’ve been married 15 years and my hubby’s snoring got so obnoxious I made him go to the spare bedroom!

    Again – Congratulations.

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